Indiana Draft 2 Project List as of 3/5/20

control_idStateCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeCOST ESTIMATE (current $M)YOE CostIn Plan?
9761IndianaDearbornUS 50SR 350 Aurora to I-275TSMO Corridor 1TSMO$0.48$0.57YES
9751IndianaDearbornSR 1Pribble, Mt. Pleasant, York Ridge, Sawdon Ridge, and North Dearborn intersectionsImprovements include adding a passing blister and turn lanes at each intersectionInterchange/intersection improvement$5.25$7.60YES
9750IndianaDearbornSR 1US-50 to Ridge AveRealign and add a lane each directionAdd through lanes$5.23$7.57YES
9749IndianaDearbornSR 1Ridge Ave to Oberting RdWiden SR 1 bridge from the Bellview Rd / SR 1 intersection, adding a multi-use trail on the east side of the bridge. *This would extend Greendale's bike paths and sidewalks to Oberting Rd.Interchange/intersection improvement$1.85$2.20YES
9752IndianaDearbornDearborn Trail - Greendale & LawrenceburgBetween the existing Greendale and Lawrenceburg sections of the Dearborn TrailDearborn Trail Connector, linking existing Greendale and Lawrenceburg sections of the Dearborn Trail adjacent to casinoBike/Ped$0.85$1.01YES
9756IndianaDearbornSR 11.5 miles south of DoverAdd I mile of NB truck climbing laneAdd TWLTL$3.75$5.43YES
9777IndianaDearbornIndiana ITS ProjectsUS 50 and SR 1; near connector ramp(s)Per OKI ITS Plan recommendationsInterconnected and adaptive signal upgrade$0.45$0.53YES
9763IndianaDearbornNorth Dearborn RdWhites Hill Rd / Mt Pleasant Rd to Stateline RdGeometric improvements to remove deficient vertical curvature and provide lane and shoulder widths meeting INDOT and County standardsRealign/improve geometry$5.20$9.64YES
9762IndianaDearbornBright - Elementary (Stateline Rd) TrailJamison Rd to Bright Elementary SchoolConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail along Stateline Rd connecting the elementery school and southern Bright areaBike/Ped$0.49$0.71YES
9754IndianaDearbornDearborn Trail - Aurora ExtensionDearborn Trail southwestern terminus to the Ohio Co. lineConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail, extending the existing Dearborn Trail to Ohio CountyBike/Ped$3.05$3.63YES
9764IndianaDearbornWhites Hill RdNorth Dearborn Rd to SR 46Geometric improvements to remove deficient vertical curvature and provide lane and shoulder widths meeting INDOT and County standards, and roadway realignment and profile improvementsRealign/improve geometry$11.78$21.84YES
9758IndianaDearbornGreendale / Lawrenceburg Connector TrailBroadway St. in Greendale to the Lawrenceburg school campusConstruction of a multi-modal trail, connecting the cities of Greendale and Lawrenceburg--and linking the community schools campus, the county fairgrounds, and the recreation fields and park areasBike/Ped$0.83$0.99YES
9759IndianaDearbornGreendale - Oberting Rd TrailAlong Oberting RdConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting trail linkages to the Dearborn Trail via Greendale and running to the State of OhioBike/Ped$4.49$6.50YES
9755IndianaDearbornSR 1Near Frey Rd & SR 1 IntersectionClose Schuman Road access to SR 1 and create new intersection near Frey RoadRealign/improve geometry$0.53$0.77YES
9757IndianaDearbornStateline RdUS 50 & Salt Fork Rd intersectionsAdded capacity / additional turn lanes at intersectionsInterchange/intersection improvement$10.51$15.22YES
9765IndianaDearbornSR 46Bridge over the Whitewater RiverBridge replacement. Bridge is in fair condition and structurally sound; however, it is considered functionally obsolete due to substandard shoulders and roadside barriers (Sufficiency rating = 59)Realign/improve geometry$5.00$9.27YES
9773IndianaDearbornUS 50US 50 / Sycamore Estates Rd. intersectionAdd turn lanesInterchange/intersection improvement$2.10$3.89YES
9776IndianaDearbornCatch-A-Ride: Security Cameras and RFI Driver CardInstalled in all busesA\V recording equipment (aka: security cameras) in all 31 buses for safety. RFI card accessTransit$0.22$0.26YES
9760IndianaDearbornGreendale I-275 / US 50 Bike/Ped BridgeI-275 / US 50 / State Rd 1 IntersectionDearborn Trail extension / connector to Health Care Campus to complete Greendale's connection to the existing Lawrenceburg and Aurora sections of the Dearborn TrailBike/Ped$5.67$8.21NO
9766IndianaDearbornBright - Greendale (Stateline Rd) TrailBright Elementary School to Alpine DrConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting the southern Bright area, starting at the elementary school on Stateline, to the Hidden Valley Lake and the City of GreendaleBike/Ped$0.81$1.17NO
9770IndianaDearbornLawrenceburg - Levee Access TrailUS 50 and Tanners Creek intersection area to the existing Dearborn Trail in AuroraConstruction of a new bike and pedestrian trail, connecting the commercial areas on U.S. 50 to the Dearborn Trail segment leading towards Aurora's downtownBike/Ped$0.14$0.20NO
9767IndianaDearbornBright - Harrison (Jamison Rd) TrailStateline Rd to State StreetConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting the Bright area to the Town of West Harrison and City of Harrison, OHBike/Ped$0.65$0.94NO
9779IndianaDearbornWilson Creek RdUS 50 to SR 48Added capacity / additional turn lanes at the U.S. 50 intersection and added capacity / US 50 to SR 1 InnerloopRealign/improve geometry$7.88$14.61NO
9768IndianaDearbornBright - Meadows Park (Stateline Rd) TrailJamison Rd to N. Dearborn RdConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting the southern commercial center of Bright to the Bright Meadows Park, and beyond to the northern residential neighborhoodsBike/Ped$0.30$0.43NO
9753IndianaDearbornPribble RdSR 48 to SR 1Reconstruct to 12' lanes & improve vertical and horizontal alignment w/ turn lanes at intersectionsRealign/improve geometry$10.51$15.22NO
9769IndianaDearbornBright (Salt Fork Rd) Trail ExtensionStateline Rd to 1 Mile RdConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting neighborhoods in Bright to economic and recreational areas / opportunitiesBike/Ped$0.19$0.35NO
9775IndianaDearbornCatch-A-Ride: Fare Collection BoxesInstalled in all busesReplacing communication (2-way) radios on all 31 buses.Transit$0.08$0.10NO
9771IndianaDearbornLogan - Bright (N. Dearborn Rd) TrailStateline Rd to Mt. Pleasant RdBike and pedestrian trail along N. Dearborn RdBike/Ped$0.43$0.80NO
9778IndianaDearbornSR 350North Hogan to US 50Widen from 2 to 4 lanes (one lane in each direction) including new bridge over creekAdd through lanes$5.25$9.73NO
9772IndianaDearbornGreendale - Hidden Valley Lake Connector TrailOberting Rd to Hidden Valley Lake's community centerConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting Greendale and HVL communities / trails - leading to connectivity to the norther part of Dearborn County.Bike/Ped$2.72$5.04NO
9774IndianaDearbornAlternative Truck Fleet Fuel StationTruck Parking LocationConstruct commercial CNG/LNG fueling stations in partnership with the private sector.Freight$0.53$0.98NO

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