Kentucky Draft 2 Project List as of 3/5/20

control_idStateCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeCOST ESTIMATE (current $M)YOE CostIn Plan?
10010KentuckyKentonI-71/75 (NB)I-275 to Ohio RiverTSMO Corridor 5 (7.0 miles)TSMO$11.00$13.08YES
10011KentuckyKentonI-275I-71/75 to Combs-Hehl BridgeTSMO Corridor 6 (10.0 miles)TSMO$15.70$22.74YES
10012KentuckyCampbellI-471 (NB)I-275 to Ohio RiverTSMO Corridor 7 (5.6 miles)TSMO$8.80$12.75YES
10006KentuckyBooneTANK CVG Airport Transit HubCVG AirportConstruct a new transit station at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to service multiple, future TANK transit route expansions.Transit$3.13$4.53YES
10008KentuckyBooneDixie HighwayPike St to Ewing BlvdTSMO Corridor 3. Create a high-frequency, enhanced bus transit corridor. Provide specialized branding and operational treatments. Improve bus stop/station design and amenities.Transit + TSMO$6.33$9.17YES
9869KentuckyBooneI-75KY 1017 (Turfway Rd) interchangeReconstruct I 75 interchange at KY 1017 (Turfway Road)Interchange/intersection improvement$25.18$36.47YES
9825KentuckyKentonI-275/KY 1303 Interchange ModificationKY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd) InterchangeModifications and additional lanes on ramps and KY 1303 as described in the pending Interchange Modification Report (IMR) publicationInterchange/intersection improvement$20.00$28.97YES
9573KentuckyBooneKY 18/Aero Parkway Intersection ImprovementKY 1017 (Aero Parkway)Improve capacity at the KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway) to support existing and future traffic volumes. Consider grade separation design optionsInterchange/intersection improvement$47.15$68.29YES
9876KentuckyBooneKY 18I-75 to KY 237TSMO Corridor 4. Interconnected and adaptive signal system and other innovative corridor strategiesTSMO$0.36$0.52YES
9871KentuckyBooneKY 18KY 842 and Mall Rd intersectionsPaired Grade-Separated Intersections along KY 18 at KY 842 and Mall Road.Add through lanes$58.69$85.00YES
9863KentuckyKentonI-71/75 (Brent Spence Bridge)US 25 to Brent SpenceBrent Spence Bridge project includes new bridge and I-75 improvements from Dixie Hwy to BSBAdd through lanes$1,019.00 $1,152.90 YES
9867KentuckyBooneMall Rd ConnectorKY 237 (Pleasant Valley Rd) to Mall Rd/I75 InterchangeProvide East-West Connectivity and improve mobility from KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) to Mall Road/I75 InterchangeNew Route/extension$22.68$32.85YES
9870KentuckyBooneI-75KY 18 interchangeReconstruct I 75 interchange at KY 18Interchange/intersection improvement$40.52$58.68YES
9864KentuckyBooneI-75 and I-275 InterchangeI-275 InterchangeImprove safety, mobility and operations, including correcting any geometric deficiencies at the junction of I-75 and I-275 and its system-to-system ramps.Interchange/intersection improvement$128.00$237.30YES
9836KentuckyKentonKY 17 (Madison Ave) Enhanced Transit CorridorCovington Transit Center to the TANK Fort Wright Transit HubCreate a high-frequency bus transit corridor, paint sharrows or shared lane markings. Transit signal preemption.Access management$2.63$4.88YES
9829KentuckyKentonKY 536East end of the NS RR bridge to KY 1303Reconstruct and widen from two lanes and two lanes with TWLTL to four lanes divided and aligned geometrics at intersectionsAdd through lanes$9.91$11.78YES
9826KentuckyKentonKY 1303 (Crestview Hills Mall/Thomas More AlignmenI-275 EB exit/entrance ramps to Thomas More BlvdConsolidate The Town Center Blvd and Thomas More Pkwy into single intersection by realigning both roads. Add lane to KY 1303 SB from I-285 EB ramp to just beyond relocated Town Center Blvd. Associated access management actions.Realign/improve geometry$4.50$6.52YES
9577KentuckyBooneKY 18 (Burlington Pike) WideningSpringfield Boulevard to KY 338 (Jefferson Street)Widen KY 18 (Burlington Pike) from two to four lanes with multi-use path to improve safety for bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic.Add through lanes$30.63$44.36YES
9868KentuckyKentonKY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd)Dudley Rd to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Road) from Dudley Road to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Realign/improve geometry$28.78$34.21YES
9901KentuckyBooneI-275KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) interchangeImprove mobility and reduce congestion at the interchange of I-275 and KY 3076 (Mineola Pike).Interchange/intersection improvement$22.43$41.58YES
9574KentuckyBooneKY 842 (Richardson Rd)US 25 (Dixie Hwy) to Boone County LineWiden KY 842 from west of US 25 to the Boone County Line. Replace bridge. Include multi-use path.Add through lanes$12.03$17.42YES
9828KentuckyKentonRiverfront Commons Highway Ave ConnectionWest of the Brent Spence bridge up to the sidewalks along Highway Ave in CovingtonConstruct a multi-use pathBike/Ped$1.23$1.46YES
9865KentuckyKentonKY 536KY 1303 to Williamswood RdImprove safety and reduce congestion on KY 536 from KY 1303 to Williamswood Road/ Calvary DriveAdd through lanes$21.68$31.40YES
9913KentuckyBooneKY 1017KY 717 (Thoroughbred Blvd) intersectionImprove safety and reduce congestion at the intersection of KY 1017 (Turfway Road) and KY 717 (Thoroughbred Blvd).Interchange/intersection improvement$1.04$1.92YES
9910KentuckyKentonKY 8Bridge over Licking RiverReconstruct and widen to 4 lanes; Include multi-use pathAdd through lanes$41.25$49.03YES
9874KentuckyBooneKY 236KY 842 (Houston Rd) to KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 236 (Donaldson Road) from KY 842 (Houston Road) to KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Add through lanes$26.50$31.50YES
9831KentuckyKentonLudlow Riverfront CommonsHooper to Ash StreetsConstruct a one-mile section of the Riverfront Commons multi-use path in the City of LudlowBike/Ped$0.31$0.44YES
9866KentuckyKentonKY 536Williamswood Rd to KY 17Improve safety and reduce congestion on KY 536 from Williamswood Road/ Calvary Drive to KY 17Add through lanes$39.53$57.25YES
9890KentuckyKentonI-75I-75 at KY 236 (Donaldson Hwy).Reconstruct I-75 interchange at KY 236 (Donaldson Hwy).Interchange/intersection improvement$28.20$52.27YES
9837KentuckyKentonLicking River Greenway Trail Phase IIIEast 8th and Garrard streets to East 15th Street and Eastern AveConstruct Licking River Greenway Trail along atop the levee.Bike/Ped$0.22$0.32YES
9840KentuckyKentonKY 236 (Commonwealth)Baker Street to U.S. 25 (Dixie Hwy)Construct a five lane section four through lanes and dedicated left turn lane. Construct a multi-use path. Construct a dedicated RTL & LTLAdd TWLTL$15.50$28.73YES
9918KentuckyBooneKY 237Litton Lane intersectionImprove access to KY 237 for Litton Lane.Realign/improve geometry$7.67$14.21YES
9580KentuckyBooneNew Buffington Multi-Use PathUS 25 (Dixie Hwy) to Kenton County LineConstruct an approximate 2,500-foot long, 10-foot wide multi-use path on one side of New Buffington Road.Bike/Ped$1.15$1.67YES
9882KentuckyKentonKY 8US 25 (Main St) to KY 3090 (Philadelphia St)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 8 (4th St) from US 25 (Main St) to KY 3090 (Philadelphia St); includes multi-modal needs of peds, bikes and transit.Realign/improve geometry$34.55$64.06YES
10091KentuckyKentonKY 8I-71/75 NB off ramp to Main St.Widen from 2 to 3 lanes and reconstruct sidewalk to improve safety and mitigate congestionRealign/improve geometry$34.55$64.06YES
9891KentuckyCampbellKY 8Riviera Dr intersectionImprove the intersection of KY 8 and Riviera Drive in Bellevue to reduce congestion.Interchange/intersection improvement$4.17$7.72YES
9912KentuckyBooneI-75KY 14 interchangeReduce congestion and improve traffic mobility at the interchange of I 75 and KY 14Interchange/intersection improvement$49.00$90.84YES
9905KentuckyKentonKY 536KY 17 to KY 16Reconstruct and widen to 4 lanes on new alignment; include multi-modes.Add through lanes$26.00$48.21YES
9844KentuckyKentonLicking River Greenway Trail Waterline BridgeLicking River crossing near Summit DriveConstruct Licking River Greenway Trail.Bike/Ped$1.88$3.49YES
9902KentuckyKentonKY 842Boone County line to KY 1303Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 842 (Richardson Rd) from Boone County line to KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd)Access management$8.27$15.33YES
10021KentuckyCampbellRiverfront CommonsBellevueMulti-use pathBike/Ped$1.00$1.19YES
9834KentuckyKentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) Phase ICrystal Lake Drive to Otter DriveReconstruct with minor widening of existing two lanes include construction of sidewalks and crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$9.02$10.72YES
9909KentuckyCampbellI-471KY 8 interchangeConstruct new I 471 southbound off-ramp at KY 8Realign/improve geometry$32.66$60.55YES
9881KentuckyBooneUS 25Winning Colors Drive to the Norfolk Southern RR x-ing south of KY 1829Improve mobility and reduce congestion on US 25 from Winning Colors Drive to the Norfolk Southern Railroad Crossing south of KY 1829 (Industrial Road); excludes grade separation at KY 536Add through lanes$63.43$117.60YES
9877KentuckyKentonI-275KY-17 interchangeImprove safety and reduce congestion on KY 17 at the I 275 interchangeInterchange/intersection improvement$4.37$5.19YES
9827KentuckyKentonNew Buffington Multi-Use PathKenton County Line to Garvey AveConstruct a multi-use path, conduct a feasibility study and construct preferred alternative for multi-modal bridge crossing.Bike/Ped$3.37$6.24YES
9875KentuckyCampbellKY 9I 275 interchange with KY 9 (AA Hwy)Improve safety and reduce congestion at the I 275 interchange with KY 9 (AA Hwy)Interchange/intersection improvement$105.61$195.80YES
9848KentuckyKentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) Phase IIOtter Drive to Edwin DriveReconstruct and create two travel lanes. Construct sidewalks and crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$7.61$11.01YES
9585KentuckyBooneCVG Loop TrailVarious locations around CVGComplete remaining segments of the CVG Loop Trail along the northern parameter ofCVGBike/Ped$5.70$10.57YES
9894KentuckyBooneKY 20Graves Rd to KY 237 (North Bend Rd)Improve safety and mobility along KY 20 (Petersburg Road) from Graves Road to KY 237 (North Bend Road).Add through lanes$51.99$96.38YES
9908KentuckyBooneKY 3076KY 236 to I 275Widen from 2 to 5 lanesAdd through lanes$22.25$26.45YES
9883KentuckyBooneUS 42KY 237 to KY 842Improve safety and reduce congestion along US 42 from KY 237 to KY 842Add through lanes$46.50$86.20YES
9845KentuckyKentonUS 25KY 14 (Bracht Piner Rd) intersectionImprove alignment with US 25 by constructing two lane section of new roadwayRealign/improve geometry$5.09$7.38YES
9897KentuckyCampbellUS 27Pat Fanning Way/KY 709 intersectionsImprove mobility and safety at the intersections of US 27 and Pat Fanning Way/KY 709.Interchange/intersection improvement$1.43$1.70YES
9904KentuckyCampbellKY 915KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 2924Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along KY 915 from KY 9 (AA Hwy.) to KY 2924.Realign/improve geometry$12.20$22.62YES
9589KentuckyBooneKY 212 Interchange ModificationKY 212 (Terminal Drive)Reconstruct the I-275 interchange at KY 212 and reconstruct KY 20 (Petersburg Road) near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Item 06-8000.20Interchange/intersection improvement$50.00$92.70YES
9584KentuckyBooneCamp Ernst RdKY 536 (Hathaway Rd) to Long Branch RdWiden Camp Ernst Road from two to four lanes with multi-use path to improve safety and mobility. (Ph 2)Add through lanes$16.00$29.66YES
9903KentuckyBooneKY 237US 42 to KY 536Reconstruct Gunpowder Road from US 42 to KY 536reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$37.51$69.54YES
9892KentuckyBooneKY 3060US 42 to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along KY 3060 (Frogtown Rd.) from US 42 to US 25 (Dixie Hwy); include multi-modes.Realign/improve geometry$46.69$86.57YES
9899KentuckyKentonKY 536KY 16 (Taylor Mill Rd) to KY 177 (Decoursey Pike)Reconstruct and widen to 4 lanes on new alignment; include multi-modes.Add through lanes$80.33$116.34YES
9878KentuckyKentonKY 236KY 236 (Stevenson Rd) from Alice Street to Jacqueline DriveReconstruct KY 236 (Stevenson Road) from Alice Street to Jacqueline Drivereconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$10.58$15.32YES
9879KentuckyBooneKY 237Cardinal Cove and Graves RdExpansion of roundabouts along KY 237 at Cardinal Cove and Graves RoadRoundabout$10.79$15.63YES
9896KentuckyCampbellKY 547KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 10Improve mobility along KY 547 from KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 10; include multi-modes.Realign/improve geometry$25.04$46.42YES
9861KentuckyKentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) IIIEdwin Drive to KY 16Reconstruct and create two travel lanes. Construct sidewalks and crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$5.26$9.75YES
9911KentuckyKentonUS 25 (Dixie Hwy)Buttermilk Pk and Orphange Rd intersectionsImprove existing alignment with Buttermilk Pike, Orphange Road, and US 25Realign/improve geometry$28.19$52.26YES
10089KentuckyCampbellNKY Streetcar Phase 1NewportExtension of Cincinnati Streetcar to Newport (Phase 1)Transit$43.00$79.72YES
9587KentuckyBooneKY 20 (Petersburg Rd) ImprovementKY 237 (North Bend Rd) to Conner RdReconstruct KY 20 (Petersburg Road) from Conner Road to KY 237 to improve mobility between Hebron and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.Realign/improve geometry$14.20$26.33YES
9591KentuckyBooneRogers LaneHanover Boulevard to Torrid StreetReconstruct Rogers Lane, provide left turn lanes at intersections with existing residential streets and install sidewalks to improve safety and support alternative modes of transportation.Interchange/intersection improvement$14.00$25.96YES
9843KentuckyKentonUS 25Boone County Line to Grant County LineReconstruct with minor widening of existing two lanes adding appropriate turn lanes including right of way for future multi-use trail.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$34.87$64.65YES
9847KentuckyKentonBromley-Crescent Springs Rd Phase 3St. Johns Rd to Highwater Rd.Reconstruct to create a two lane section and create a multi-use path.Realign/improve geometry$12.76$18.48YES
9586KentuckyBooneKY 14 (Verona Mudlick Rd) ReconstructionI-71 to US 42Reconstruct KY 14 (Verona Mudlick Road) to address existing geometric deficiencies and improve safety and mobility.Realign/improve geometry$33.07$39.31YES
9852KentuckyKentonKY 16KY 536 (Harris Pike) to KY 17Reconstruct to create a five lane section with four through lanes for two-way left turns and dedicated left turn lane include multi-modal needs to improve safety and reduce congestion.Add through lanes$37.53$54.35NO
9884KentuckyKentonKY 1072 (Highland Pike/Kyles Lane)KY 17 (Madison Pike) to I-71/75Address safety and mobility along KY 1072 (Highland Pike/Kyles Lane) from KY 17 (Madison Pike) to Interstate 71/75 northbound on and off rampsAdd through lanes$37.00$68.59NO
9889KentuckyKentonKY 16KY 2047 (Senour Rd) to KY 536 (Harris Pike)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 16 (Taylor Mill Rd) from KY 2047 (Senour Rd) to KY 536 (Harris Pike); include multi-modal needsAdd through lanes$72.19$133.84NO
9895KentuckyCampbellKY 9RR bridge south of 12th StKY 9 RR Bridge Replacement and widened roadway(2006KYD). (KYD FUNDING MOVED FROM 6-8101.02)Add through lanes$6.00$8.69NO
9582KentuckyBooneUS 42 WideningHicks Pike to Raiders RunWiden US 42 from two to four lanes with multi-use path between Ryle High School and Hicks PkAdd through lanes$16.50$30.59NO
9851KentuckyKentonHorsebranch Rd Multi-use PathThomas More Parkway to KY 371 (Orphanage Rd)Construct a multi-use path, install signage.Bike/Ped$2.20$4.08NO
9887KentuckyBooneUS 25KY 16 (Mary Grubbs Hwy) to KY 338 (Richwood Rd)Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along US 25 (Dixie Hwy.) between KY 16 (Mary Grubbs Hwy) and KY 338 (Richwood Rd.)Add through lanes$61.30$113.65NO
9880KentuckyCampbellJohns Hill Rd ConnectorAA Hwy (KY 9) to Johns Hill Rd (KY 2345)Construct a new connector road from the AA Hwy (KY 9) to the end of new construction just south of Johns Hill Road (KY 2345)New Route/extension$17.07$24.72NO
9581KentuckyBooneUS 25 WideningLogistics Boulevard to KY 338 (Richwood Rd)Widen US 25 from two to four lanes with multi-use path to reduce congestion and support economic development.Add through lanes$13.00$24.10NO
9849KentuckyKentonKY 17 Multi-use PathKY 371 (Orphanage Rd) south to KY 16Construct a multi-use path, paint crosswalk pavement markings, install signage and apply access management treatments.Bike/Ped$18.27$33.86NO
9578KentuckyBooneKY 20 (Petersburg Rd) Curve ReconstructionApproximate MP 6.8 to 7.1Reconstruct the curve to reduce the number and severity of crashes.Realign/improve geometry$3.40$4.92NO
9898KentuckyBooneKY 338Hicks Pike to Triple Crown BlvdImprove safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along KY 338 (Richwood Rd. ) from Hicks Pike to Triple Crown Boulevard.Realign/improve geometry$10.73$15.54NO
9857KentuckyKentonKY 17KY 3072 (Hempfling Rd) intersectionConstruct new roadway intersection angle with two dedicated left turn lanes.Realign/improve geometry$0.33$0.62NO
9853KentuckyKentonKY 16KY 17 to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Reconstruct to create a five lane section with four through lanes and two-way left turns iinclude multi-modal improvements to improve safety and reduce congestion.Add through lanes$49.93$92.56NO
9885KentuckyBooneKY 14Stephenson Mill Rd to I-75Reconstruction of KY 14 from Stephenson Mill Rd to I-75reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$33.37$61.86NO
9917KentuckyCampbellKY 9Shadow Lake, Glenridge and KY 915 intersectionsImprove egress safety along KY 9 in the vicinity of intersections of Shadow Lake, Glenridge, KY 915.Access management$4.66$8.65NO
9835KentuckyKentonMadison Pike Multi-Use PathMadison Pike between Harvest Hills Subdivision and KY 17 Business (Pelly Rd)Construct a multi-use path approximately one-half mile on eastside of Madison Pike for direct and safe connectivity between residential area and school facility/existing KY 17 multi-use paths.Bike/Ped$0.13$0.23NO
9886KentuckyBooneCamp Ernst RdBoone Arboretum to KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Rd)Realign Camp Ernst Road (Phase 1)Realign/improve geometry$36.43$67.53NO
9592KentuckyBooneUS 42Baker Rd to Miller-Owens RdReconstruct the curve to reduce the number and severity of crashes.Realign/improve geometry$1.60$2.97NO
9850KentuckyKentonUS 25Intersection with Main StReconstruct intersection with continuous, free flow, right turn lane and improve traffic signals.Interchange/intersection improvement$1.78$2.58NO
9855KentuckyKentonUS 25St. Johns to Fortside (Thriftway Center) in Ft WrightImprove access management by closing driveway, aligning new entry with traffic signal, constructing a dedicated left turn lane and sidewalkAccess management$3.30$6.12NO
9590KentuckyBooneLongbranch RdCooper High School to Orleans BoulevardReconstruct Longbranch Road and install a multi-use path along the south side of the roadway to improve mobility and facilitate alternative modes of transportation.Bike/Ped$7.00$12.98NO
9838KentuckyKentonKY 8 (Third Street)KY 2374 (West Third Street) intersectionConstruct roundabout with current lane configuration and enhance crosswalk markings.Roundabout$2.99$5.54NO
9916KentuckyCampbellKY 6335Tower Hill Rd to KY 445 (River Rd.)Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies, slope stabilization and multi-modes along KY 6335 from Tower Hill Rd to KY 445 (River Rd.).reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$66.04$122.43NO
9856KentuckyKentonKY 14 (Rich Rd)Approximately 1,765 feet east of KY 17 to KY 177Reconstruct and widen.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$85.31$158.15NO
9859KentuckyKentonKY 17KY 2042 (Moffett Rd) intersectionConstruct two-lane section of roadway intersection and two dedicated, left turn lanes.Interchange/intersection improvement$0.33$0.62NO
9862KentuckyKentonKY 2042 (Moffett Rd)KY 17 to Martin RdReconstruct and widen. Phase Ireconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$14.94$27.71NO
9915KentuckyKentonRoyal Drive RealignmentKY 371 (Buttermilk Pike) to Grace Ave.Realign Royal Drive from KY 371 (Buttermilk Pike) to Grace Ave.New Route/extension$6.19$11.47NO
9572KentuckyBooneYouell Rd ConnectorKY 1017 (Aero Parkway) to KY 237 (North Bend Rd)Construct a new, four lane roadway to connect KY 1017 (Aero Parkway) and KY 237 (North Bend Road) southwest of CVG.New Route/extension$27.60$32.81NO
9907KentuckyCampbellPond Creek Rd ExtensionUS 27 to AA HwyExtend proposed Pond Creek Road from US 27 to AA Hwy via portion of KY 10/KY 1997 CorridorNew Route/extension$58.61$108.66NO
9860KentuckyKentonKY 2042 (Moffett Rd)Martin Rd to KY 2042 (Kenton Station Rd) to KY 177Reconstruct and widen. Phase IIreconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$76.38$141.61NO
9833KentuckyKentonI-75Weigh Station SB and KY 14 (Bracht-Piner Rd)Construct new interchange. Innovative design which would equalize the spacing between the US 25 (Dixie Hwy)/KY 14Interchange/intersection improvement$40.00$57.93NO
9854KentuckyKentonKY 2045KY 536 (Bristow Rd) to Old Madison PikeReconstruct and widen. Construct a sidewalk or multi-use path.Bike/Ped$19.26$35.71NO
9919KentuckyKentonKY 3716 (Wayman Branch)KY 1501 (Hands Pike) to KY 16 (Pride Parkway)Reconstruct Wayman Branch Road from KY 1501 (Hands Pike) to KY 16 (Pride Parkway) to improve safety and mobility.Realign/improve geometry$32.88$60.95NO
9839KentuckyKentonUS 25Dudley Rd and Summit LaneWiden Dudley at intersection with US 25 from two lanes to create a dedicated LTL, a dedicated RTL, a dedicated through lane, realigning Summit Ln with improved Dudley RdInterchange/intersection improvement$1.77$3.28NO
9858KentuckyKentonKY 14 (Bracht Piner Rd)US 25 to KY 17Reconstruct and widen.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$25.46$47.20NO

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