Ohio Draft Project List

control_idCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeYOE Cost
9556HamiltonOhio River Trail Multi-Use PathFive Mile Rd to Nine Mile RdExtension of Ohio River Trail Multi Use PathBike/Ped$17.38
9558HamiltonClough PikeSR 32 to Clermont County LineSystem enhancements including traffic signal enhancements, intersection modifications, turn lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalk enhancementsInterchange or intersection improvement$28.97
9560HamiltonBeechmont AveBeechmont Ave & Paddison/Markley IntersectionIntersection realignmentInterchange or intersection improvement$12.05
9564ButlerEast MIddletown Passenger FacilityTBDNew passenger facility in Middletown; amenitites includedTransit$5.07
9566ButlerHeavy Duty Large Transit Vehicle ReplacementOxford/Hamilton/MIddletownReplace 21 vehicles; possible alternative fuel vehiclesTransit$30.41
9593ButlerAllen RdUnion Centre Blvd to Cincinnati Dayton RdAdd TWLTLAdd through lanes$5.59
9601ButlerCincinnati Dayton RdLiberty One Dr to Bethany RdWiden to 5 lanes (add SB lane)Add through lanes$1.55
9609ButlerCox RdKingsgate RdIntersection improvementInterchange or intersection improvement$1.19
9611ButlerCrescentville RdMosteller to Cincinnati Dayton RdAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$5.47
9614ButlerGreat Miami River TrailCity of Monroe North Boundary to Old Oxford State RdMulti-use trailBike/Ped$2.38
9616ButlerGreat Miami River TrailWaterworks Park to Hamilton CountyFairfield Extension of multi-use path with trailheadsBike/Ped$3.60
9619ButlerHampshire Dr129 to PrincetonAdd TWLTL with intersection improvementsAdd TWLTL$1.78
9628ButlerMiami 2 Miami ConnectionBypass 4 to Yankee Rd (SR129 Greenway Trail)Multi-use trailBike/Ped$14.28
9629ButlerMiami 2 Miami ConnectionGreat Miami River Trail to Gilmore RdMulti-use trailBike/Ped$3.98
9632ButlerMIddletown CitywideCitywide Signal System UpgradeInstall equipment for autonomous vehicle readinessCAV accommodations$17.83
9635ButlerNorth Hamilton Crossing Phase 1NW Washington Boulevard to US 127New bridge and connection of NW Washington Blvd/West Elkton Rd to US 127New Route/extension$72.41
9636ButlerNorth Hamilton Crossing Phase 2US 127 to SR 4New bridge and connection between US 127 and SR 4New Route/extension$31.86
9641ButlerPrinceton RdHampshire to Walden Ponds CircleAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$2.14
9643ButlerS. Gilmore RdResor Rd to Mack RdWiden by one laneAdd TWLTL$3.82
9647ButlerSR 177 (Main Street)Carmen Ave to Brookwood AveAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$5.71
9648ButlerSR 4Muhlhauser to CrescentvilleWiden by 1 lane southboundAdd through lanes$8.15
9659ButlerTylersville RdLesourdsville West ChesterIntersection improvementInterchange or intersection improvement$2.97
9664ButlerUS 27SR 129 to SR 129Add TWLTL with intersection improvementsAdd TWLTL$9.63
9666ButlerWayne Madison RdGreat Miam River to SR 73Widen to 5 lanes and grade separation at RRAdd through lanes$68.79
9670HamiltonOhio River Trail CentralCity of Cincinnati - Evans Street to Central AveSeparate Shared Use Path (Bike/Hike Trail) across the Mill CreekBike/Ped$11.89
9671HamiltonOhio River Trail West - Segment - 3State Ave to Fairbanks AveConstruct bike/pedestrian trail connecting Segments 1 and 2 of the Ohio River Trail West projectBike/Ped$8.69
9674HamiltonUptown Multi-use pathMLK: Clifton to BurnetShared Use Bike Path/ROW improvementsBike/Ped$7.24
9676HamiltonMill Creek TrailAlong Mill Creek: Ohio River to Mill Creek Rd. BridgeSeparate Shared Use Bike PathBike/Ped$11.12
9677HamiltonOhio River Trail East (Oasis)Carrel to DowntownSeparate Shared Use Bike Path along riverfront or on Oasis CorridorBike/Ped$37.08
9687HamiltonNew Station TrackCincinnati Union TerminalAdd a new track with an ADA accessible platform at the Cincinnati Amtrak station. Remove passenger train boarding off CSX mainline.Transit$5.79
9688HamiltonNew Mainline Track"Mill Creek" Rail CorridorAdd a fourth mainline track from Winton Place Junction to the Hopple Street Viaduct (CSX Mileposts BE 6.7 to BE 4.0)Freight Rail$30.00
9691HamiltonRailroad Preemption Upgrades and InstallationRiver Rd (US-50)Upgrade 4 existing traffic signals to new railroad preemption standards. (CSX and CIND RR)Freight Rail$5.94
9699HamiltonBurnet AveReading Rd. to Forest AveUpgrade traffic operations by adding turn lanes, street widening and parking restrictionsAdd through lanes$10.14
9700HamiltonHarvey Ave CorridorML King to ForestAdd TWLTL with left and right turn lanesAdd through lanes$10.14
9701HamiltonHighland Ave CorridorML King and McMillanImprove traffic operations, restrict parking, improve intersections, add turn lanesInterchange or intersection improvement$12.98
9702HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Victory Pky to Galbraith RdAdd TWLTL with intersection and pedestrian improvementsAdd TWLTL$21.72
9703HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Elsinore to BurnetAdd TWLTL with intersection and pedestrian improvementsAdd TWLTL$4.34
9705HamiltonVictory Parkway, Park Ave, Eden Park AveReading Rd to Martin DrNew bike facilities and roadway imrovements, eliminate slip lanes to side streets; Park Ave Bridge rehabRealign/improve geometry$28.97
9706HamiltonGlenway Ave (SR-264)Overlook to BoudinotIntersection improvements and turn lanesInterchange or intersection improvement$10.70
9708HamiltonOakley Yard Pedestrian Bridge34th St to Vandercar WayAdd a new pedestrian bridge over the RRBike/Ped$14.83
9711HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Clinton Springs to PaddockWiden to 3 lanes each directionAdd through lanes$7.24
9712HamiltonRed Bank RdErie Ave to Duck Creek RdRed Bank widening and local street improvementsAdd through lanes$35.66
9714HamiltonEdwards & MadisonEdwards, Madison & Wasson areaRealign IntersectionsRealign/improve geometry$11.89
9718HamiltonWestern Hills ViaductHarrison Ave to Central ParkwayReplace the existing Western Hills Viaduct with improved pedestrian and bicycle access.Add through lanes$332.83
9731HamiltonCTCS Signal SystemCitywideUpgrade and expand traffic signal systemCAV accommodations$5.94
9737ClermontSR 32Glen Este-Withamsville Rd overpassNew overpass carrying GEW over SR32Interchange or intersection improvement$9.51
9738ClermontSR 32Glen Este-Withamsville Rd rampsRamps to new GEW overpassInterchange or intersection improvement$12.48
9739ClermontWards Corner RdI-275 to Branch Hill-Guinea PkAdd TWLTL with intersection & curve safety improvementsAdd TWLTL$12.31
9741ClermontBach Buxton RdShayler Rd to Clepper LaneRoundabout Intersection ImprovementRoundabout$8.92
9782HamiltonWest Fork Mill Creek GreenwayWinton Woods ConnectorMulti-use pathBike/Ped$5.50
9784HamiltonInterstate 275 WBWinton Rd to Colerain AveAdd 1 laneAdd through lanes$24.62
9786HamiltonDry Fork Rd CorridorI- 74 to New Haven RdWiden roadway & intersectionsAdd through lanes$64.89
9787HamiltonFields Ertel RdSnider to I-71Widen roadway & intersectionsAdd through lanes$17.83
9788HamiltonFields Ertel RdMcCauleyIntersection ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$5.94
9789HamiltonFields Ertel RdConrey RdRoundabout Intersection ImprovementRoundabout$5.94
9790HamiltonFields Ertel RdButler Warren RdIntersection ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$5.94
9824WarrenI-71SR 741 (Kings Mill Rd) InterchangeInterchange ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$21.72
9930HamiltonSR 32Round Bottom Road to Little Dry RunWiden SR-32 to provide two eastbound through lanes from Round Bottom Road to Little Dry Run and a two way left turn lane to the eastern corp. of the Village of NewtownAdd through lanes$6.54
9931HamiltonWooster/Wilmer RdSR 32 intersectionConstruct a grade separated intersection at SR-32 and Wooster/WilmerInterchange or intersection improvement$13.90
9932HamiltonRed Bank RdColbank intersectionImprove signal timing, lengthen storage lanes, add dual WB right turn lanes and dual NB thru lanes at Red Bank/Colbank intersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$1.19
9934HamiltonUS 50Newtown Rd roundaboutConstruct a roundabout at US-50 & NewtownRoundabout$2.17
9935HamiltonUS 50Meadowlark roundaboutInstall roundabout at Meadowlark/US 50 intersection.Roundabout$2.17
9936HamiltonRound Bottom RdValley Rd roundaboutInstall roundabout at Round Bottom/Valley intersection.Roundabout$0.85
9937HamiltonChurch StValley Ave intersectionInstall roundabout at Church/Valley intersection.Roundabout$1.09
9938HamiltonSR 32Clough Pk intersectionConstruct green tee intersection at Clough & SR 32Interchange or intersection improvement$2.90
9942HamiltonSR 32Eight Mile Rd to Beechwood RdNew alignment and grade separation of EB SR 32 over Eight Mile; unsignalized continuous green tee intersection at Eight Mile and WB SR 32. (Partial EB only grade improvements)Realign/improve geometry$21.07
9946WarrenUS 22/3Old Mill Rd to SR 48Widen US-22 from Old Mill Road to SR-48 to five lanes (including the bridge of the Little Miami River) and implement intersection improvementsAdd through lanes$45.77
9947HamiltonI-71 Corridor Ramp MeteringGilbert Ave to I-275Implement ramp metering throughout I-71 corridor from Gilbert Ave to SR-48, excluding storage improvements at Reading, Gilbert, Williams, Pfeiffer, and KenwoodAccess management$6.36
9948HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageReading Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$35.05
9949HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageGilbert Ave interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$50.69
9950HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StoragePfeiffer Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$5.50
9951HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageKenwood Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$11.01
9952HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageSR 561 Williams interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$11.01
9953HamiltonI-71SR 126 to PfeifferAdd northbound auxiliary laneAdd through lanes$10.14
9954HamiltonI-71 (SB) Smart LaneI-275 to McMillan StTSMO Corridor 9 - Smart lane (14.5 miles)TSMO$27.10
9955HamiltonI-275 Smart LaneUS 42 to Loveland MadeiraTSMO Corridor 11 - Implement smart lane from US-42 to Loveland MadeiraTSMO + add lanes$49.92
9956ClermontI-275 Smart LaneLoveland Madeira to SR-28TSMO Corridor 12 - Implement smart lane from Loveland Madeira to SR-28, including widening of bridge over Little Miami RiverTSMO + add lanes$80.67
9958ClermontSR 32 WBEastgate Blvd to I-275Permanent separation of westbound SR-32 between Eastgate and I-275Realign/improve geometry$50.69
9959ButlerSR 747Millikin Rd to SR 4 (N. Jct)Widen to 5 lanes with landscaped median and 10' multi use pathAdd through lanes$46.53
9961WarrenSR 48Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Rd to Stephens RdWiden by one lane in each directionAdd through lanes$18.83
9962WarrenSR-63Union Rd to SR 741Widen SR-63 by one lane in each directionAdd through lanes$23.77
9965ButlerI-75New interchange at Millikin RdNew interchange & widening of Millikin Rd from Cin-Day to Butler-Warren RdNew Route/extension$115.76
9968HamiltonI-71/75 (Brent Spence Bridge)Ohio River to Western Hills ViaductBridge replacement and Hwy improvementsAdd through lanes$1,165.00
9971WarrenSR-48Corwin Nixon to Kingsview DriveImprove I-71 interchange and SR-48Interchange or intersection improvement$21.72
9973HamiltonI-75 SBGalbraith RR Bridge and interchangeTTV Phase 4 (PID 88129) Replace railroad bridge and realign exit ramp to Galbraithreconstruct/mill/fill$35.66
9974HamiltonI-75 SBShepherd Rd to Galbraith RdTTV Phase 5 (PID 88132) Reconstruct southbound I-75 from Shepherd to Galbraith, adding a fourth lane. Construct a collector-distributor road to provide ramps to and from Anthony Wayne and GalbraithAdd through lanes$54.68
9975HamiltonI-75 NBGalbraith Rd to Shepherd RdTTV Phase 6. Reconstruct northbound I-75 from Galbraith to Shepherd adding a fourth lane. Construct a ramp from westbound Ronald Reagan Hwy (SR-126) to northbound I-75Add through lanes$152.70
9978WarrenI-71SR 123 interchangeUpgrade interchangeInterchange or intersection improvement$7.24
9984HamiltonSharonville Mill Creek Area Bike TrailFrom Evendale through the Loop to Creek RdInstall a bike trail from Evendale through “The Loop” to Creek RdBike/Ped$1.37
9995HamiltonSharon Rd Rail OverpassSharon Rd GatewayRail overpass which will separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic from railroad operations.Realign/improve geometry$83.43
9997HamiltonSORTA Alternative Energy FleetAcross SORTA's service areaExpanded Fleet of an estimated 90 40' buses that includes Alternately Fueled VehiclesTransit$58.84
10000HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid Transit Phase IaGlenway Ave corridorConstruction of BRT routes on Glenway Ave Approx. 7 miles of bus only lanes.Transit$121.25
10001HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid Transit Phase IbReading Rd corridorConstruction of BRT route on Reading Rd. Approx. 10 miles of bus only lanesTransit$121.25
10003HamiltonNew Crosstown Transit CentersTBDConstruction of 3 Additional Transit Centers to Serve Cross Town Routes - implemented as part of the Reinventing Metro Plan. These centers would be multi-modal, include customer shelters and ammenitiesTransit$28.53
10004HamiltonSORTA Transit Stop Shelters and BenchesAcross SORTA's service areaInstallation of Transit Stop Shelters and Benches Across SORTA's Service AreaTransit$5.94
10009HamiltonUS 27 (Colerain Ave)Struble Rd to Blue Rock RdTSMO Corridor 8 - Access management, signal system upgrade. 4.6 milesTSMO$0.73
10013HamiltonWasson Way Little Miami ConnectorPlainville Rd to Newtown RdMulti-use pathBike/Ped$7.82
10030WarrenUS 22/3SR 48 to West RdWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$7.13
10031WarrenUS 22/3West Rd to Zoar RdWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$17.38
10037WarrenSR 63SR 741 to Neil Armstrong WayWiden two lanes each direction with TWTL (cities Mason and Lebanon)Add through lanes$30.41
10042WarrenSR 741I-71 to Center DrWiden one lane each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$10.14
10046WarrenColumbia RdFields-Ertel to Socialville-Fosters RdWiden by one lane each direction with continous left turn from Fields-Ertel Road to Montgomery RoadAdd through lanes$37.08
10049WarrenMason Mongtomery RdTylersville RdUpgrade IntersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$4.34
10050WarrenMason Mongtomery RdUS 42Upgrade IntersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$4.34
10051WarrenKings Mills RdI-71 to Oak StreetWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$9.51
10056WarrenMason-Morrow-Millgrove RdUS 42 to Columbia Rd
Mason-Morrow-Milgrove Rd
Widen two lanes each direction (cities Mason and Lebanon). $2.02 (COL Portion Only)Add through lanes$21.47
10058WarrenSnider RdWestern Row to US 42Widen one lane each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$5.94
10059WarrenBethany RdMason Corp Limit to Mason-Morrow-Millgrove RdWiden two lanes each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$27.81
10060WarrenKings Island DriveGreat Wolf Drive to Kingsview DriveNorthbound add lane to Kings Mill Rd, one lane each direction from Kings Mill Rd to Kingsview DriveAdd through lanes$5.94
10062WarrenGateway BlvdGateway Blvd to Butler-Warren Rd and Cox ExtensionNew 5 lane extension (City of Monroe)New Route/extension$7.13
10065WarrenDeerfield Rd/Turtlecreek-Union Rd/Bypass 48 InDeerfield Rd
Turtlecreek-Union Rd
Bypass 48
Reconfiguration of interchange to facilitate truck movements and provide access to industrial park.Interchange or intersection improvement$16.37
10085WarrenI-71 Corridor Ramp MeteringI-275 to SR 48Implement ramp metering throughout I-71 corridorAccess management$0.77
10976WarrenI-71I-275 to SR 48TSMP Corridor 10 (11 miles)TSMO$32.02
10978HamiltonWest Fork Mill CreekWest Fork Mill Creek - WyomingMulti-use pathBike/Ped$10.86
10979HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid TransitMontgomery RdConstruction of BRT route on Montgomery Rd approx 10 miles of BRTTransit$173.80
10980HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid TransitHamilton AveConstruction of BRT route on Hamilton Ave Approx 10 miles of BRTTransit$173.80

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