Recommended Projects

Recommended 2050 Plan Projects

Beyond the OKI Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), this Plan includes 206 projects with an estimated cost of $8.5 billion. This does not include maintenance and operations. The list of recommended roadway projects is fiscally constrained, meaning the expected available funding is sufficient to construct or implement them. Fiscal constraint is discussed in the Financial Plan.

The recommended projects are provided in both list and map format at the bottom of this page. Note, there a few projects that are not mapable to a specific location. Also please note YOE cost represents year of expenditure cost which considers a project’s future year cost due to inflation. Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) projects are included in the list but are also available in one table. Other projects that improve travel such as minor intersection improvements, operational enhancements and maintenance items are not specifically listed but are consistent with the goals of this plan.

A summary of recommended improvements by project type is provided below in the interactive map and project lists by state.

Ohio Project List

control_idCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeYOE Cost
9556HamiltonOhio River Trail Multi-Use PathFive Mile Rd to Nine Mile RdExtension of Ohio River Trail Multi Use PathBike/Ped$17.38
9558HamiltonClough PikeSR 32 to Clermont County LineSystem enhancements including traffic signal enhancements, intersection modifications, turn lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalk enhancementsInterchange or intersection improvement$28.97
9560HamiltonBeechmont AveBeechmont Ave & Paddison/Markley IntersectionIntersection realignmentInterchange or intersection improvement$12.05
9564ButlerEast MIddletown Passenger FacilityTBDNew passenger facility in Middletown; amenitites includedTransit$5.07
9566ButlerHeavy Duty Large Transit Vehicle ReplacementOxford/Hamilton/MIddletownReplace 21 vehicles; possible alternative fuel vehiclesTransit$30.41
9593ButlerAllen RdUnion Centre Blvd to Cincinnati Dayton RdAdd TWLTLAdd through lanes$5.59
9601ButlerCincinnati Dayton RdLiberty One Dr to Bethany RdWiden to 5 lanes (add SB lane)Add through lanes$1.55
9609ButlerCox RdKingsgate RdIntersection improvementInterchange or intersection improvement$1.19
9611ButlerCrescentville RdMosteller to Cincinnati Dayton RdAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$5.47
9614ButlerGreat Miami River TrailCity of Monroe North Boundary to Old Oxford State RdMulti-use trailBike/Ped$2.38
9616ButlerGreat Miami River TrailWaterworks Park to Hamilton CountyFairfield Extension of multi-use path with trailheadsBike/Ped$3.60
9619ButlerHampshire Dr129 to PrincetonAdd TWLTL with intersection improvementsAdd TWLTL$1.78
9628ButlerMiami 2 Miami ConnectionBypass 4 to Yankee Rd (SR129 Greenway Trail)Multi-use trailBike/Ped$14.28
9629ButlerMiami 2 Miami ConnectionGreat Miami River Trail to Gilmore RdMulti-use trailBike/Ped$3.98
9632ButlerMIddletown CitywideCitywide Signal System UpgradeInstall equipment for autonomous vehicle readinessCAV accommodations$17.83
9635ButlerNorth Hamilton Crossing Phase 1NW Washington Boulevard to US 127New bridge and connection of NW Washington Blvd/West Elkton Rd to US 127New Route/extension$72.41
9636ButlerNorth Hamilton Crossing Phase 2US 127 to SR 4New bridge and connection between US 127 and SR 4New Route/extension$31.86
9641ButlerPrinceton RdHampshire to Walden Ponds CircleAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$2.14
9643ButlerS. Gilmore RdResor Rd to Mack RdWiden by one laneAdd TWLTL$3.82
9647ButlerSR 177 (Main Street)Carmen Ave to Brookwood AveAdd TWLTLAdd TWLTL$5.71
9648ButlerSR 4Muhlhauser to CrescentvilleWiden by 1 lane southboundAdd through lanes$8.15
9659ButlerTylersville RdLesourdsville West ChesterIntersection improvementInterchange or intersection improvement$2.97
9664ButlerUS 27SR 129 to SR 129Add TWLTL with intersection improvementsAdd TWLTL$9.63
9666ButlerWayne Madison RdGreat Miam River to SR 73Widen to 5 lanes and grade separation at RRAdd through lanes$68.79
9670HamiltonOhio River Trail CentralCity of Cincinnati - Evans Street to Central AveSeparate Shared Use Path (Bike/Hike Trail) across the Mill CreekBike/Ped$11.89
9671HamiltonOhio River Trail West - Segment - 3State Ave to Fairbanks AveConstruct bike/pedestrian trail connecting Segments 1 and 2 of the Ohio River Trail West projectBike/Ped$8.69
9674HamiltonUptown Multi-use pathMLK: Clifton to BurnetShared Use Bike Path/ROW improvementsBike/Ped$7.24
9676HamiltonMill Creek TrailAlong Mill Creek: Ohio River to Mill Creek Rd. BridgeSeparate Shared Use Bike PathBike/Ped$11.12
9677HamiltonOhio River Trail East (Oasis)Carrel to DowntownSeparate Shared Use Bike Path along riverfront or on Oasis CorridorBike/Ped$37.08
9687HamiltonNew Station TrackCincinnati Union TerminalAdd a new track with an ADA accessible platform at the Cincinnati Amtrak station. Remove passenger train boarding off CSX mainline.Transit$5.79
9688HamiltonNew Mainline Track"Mill Creek" Rail CorridorAdd a fourth mainline track from Winton Place Junction to the Hopple Street Viaduct (CSX Mileposts BE 6.7 to BE 4.0)Freight Rail$30.00
9691HamiltonRailroad Preemption Upgrades and InstallationRiver Rd (US-50)Upgrade 4 existing traffic signals to new railroad preemption standards. (CSX and CIND RR)Freight Rail$5.94
9699HamiltonBurnet AveReading Rd. to Forest AveUpgrade traffic operations by adding turn lanes, street widening and parking restrictionsAdd through lanes$10.14
9700HamiltonHarvey Ave CorridorML King to ForestAdd TWLTL with left and right turn lanesAdd through lanes$10.14
9701HamiltonHighland Ave CorridorML King and McMillanImprove traffic operations, restrict parking, improve intersections, add turn lanesInterchange or intersection improvement$12.98
9702HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Victory Pky to Galbraith RdAdd TWLTL with intersection and pedestrian improvementsAdd TWLTL$21.72
9703HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Elsinore to BurnetAdd TWLTL with intersection and pedestrian improvementsAdd TWLTL$4.34
9705HamiltonVictory Parkway, Park Ave, Eden Park AveReading Rd to Martin DrNew bike facilities and roadway imrovements, eliminate slip lanes to side streets; Park Ave Bridge rehabRealign/improve geometry$28.97
9706HamiltonGlenway Ave (SR-264)Overlook to BoudinotIntersection improvements and turn lanesInterchange or intersection improvement$10.70
9708HamiltonOakley Yard Pedestrian Bridge34th St to Vandercar WayAdd a new pedestrian bridge over the RRBike/Ped$14.83
9711HamiltonReading Rd (US 42)Clinton Springs to PaddockWiden to 3 lanes each directionAdd through lanes$7.24
9712HamiltonRed Bank RdErie Ave to Duck Creek RdRed Bank widening and local street improvementsAdd through lanes$35.66
9714HamiltonEdwards & MadisonEdwards, Madison & Wasson areaRealign IntersectionsRealign/improve geometry$11.89
9718HamiltonWestern Hills ViaductHarrison Ave to Central ParkwayReplace the existing Western Hills Viaduct with improved pedestrian and bicycle access.Add through lanes$332.83
9731HamiltonCTCS Signal SystemCitywideUpgrade and expand traffic signal systemCAV accommodations$5.94
9737ClermontSR 32Glen Este-Withamsville Rd overpassNew overpass carrying GEW over SR32Interchange or intersection improvement$9.51
9738ClermontSR 32Glen Este-Withamsville Rd rampsRamps to new GEW overpassInterchange or intersection improvement$12.48
9739ClermontWards Corner RdI-275 to Branch Hill-Guinea PkAdd TWLTL with intersection & curve safety improvementsAdd TWLTL$12.31
9741ClermontBach Buxton RdShayler Rd to Clepper LaneRoundabout Intersection ImprovementRoundabout$8.92
9782HamiltonWest Fork Mill Creek GreenwayWinton Woods ConnectorMulti-use pathBike/Ped$5.50
9784HamiltonInterstate 275 WBWinton Rd to Colerain AveAdd 1 laneAdd through lanes$24.62
9786HamiltonDry Fork Rd CorridorI- 74 to New Haven RdWiden roadway & intersectionsAdd through lanes$64.89
9787HamiltonFields Ertel RdSnider to I-71Widen roadway & intersectionsAdd through lanes$17.83
9788HamiltonFields Ertel RdMcCauleyIntersection ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$5.94
9789HamiltonFields Ertel RdConrey RdRoundabout Intersection ImprovementRoundabout$5.94
9790HamiltonFields Ertel RdButler Warren RdIntersection ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$5.94
9824WarrenI-71SR 741 (Kings Mill Rd) InterchangeInterchange ImprovementInterchange or intersection improvement$21.72
9930HamiltonSR 32Round Bottom Road to Little Dry RunWiden SR-32 to provide two eastbound through lanes from Round Bottom Road to Little Dry Run and a two way left turn lane to the eastern corp. of the Village of NewtownAdd through lanes$6.54
9931HamiltonWooster/Wilmer RdSR 32 intersectionConstruct a grade separated intersection at SR-32 and Wooster/WilmerInterchange or intersection improvement$13.90
9932HamiltonRed Bank RdColbank intersectionImprove signal timing, lengthen storage lanes, add dual WB right turn lanes and dual NB thru lanes at Red Bank/Colbank intersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$1.19
9934HamiltonUS 50Newtown Rd roundaboutConstruct a roundabout at US-50 & NewtownRoundabout$2.17
9935HamiltonUS 50Meadowlark roundaboutInstall roundabout at Meadowlark/US 50 intersection.Roundabout$2.17
9936HamiltonRound Bottom RdValley Rd roundaboutInstall roundabout at Round Bottom/Valley intersection.Roundabout$0.85
9937HamiltonChurch StValley Ave intersectionInstall roundabout at Church/Valley intersection.Roundabout$1.09
9938HamiltonSR 32Clough Pk intersectionConstruct green tee intersection at Clough & SR 32Interchange or intersection improvement$2.90
9942HamiltonSR 32Eight Mile Rd to Beechwood RdNew alignment and grade separation of EB SR 32 over Eight Mile; unsignalized continuous green tee intersection at Eight Mile and WB SR 32. (Partial EB only grade improvements)Realign/improve geometry$21.07
9946WarrenUS 22/3Old Mill Rd to SR 48Widen US-22 from Old Mill Road to SR-48 to five lanes (including the bridge of the Little Miami River) and implement intersection improvementsAdd through lanes$45.77
9947HamiltonI-71 Corridor Ramp MeteringGilbert Ave to I-275Implement ramp metering throughout I-71 corridor from Gilbert Ave to SR-48, excluding storage improvements at Reading, Gilbert, Williams, Pfeiffer, and KenwoodAccess management$6.36
9948HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageReading Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$35.05
9949HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageGilbert Ave interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$50.69
9950HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StoragePfeiffer Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$5.50
9951HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageKenwood Rd interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$11.01
9952HamiltonI-71 Ramp Metering StorageSR 561 Williams interchangeAdd queue storage for ramp meteringInterchange or intersection improvement$11.01
9953HamiltonI-71SR 126 to PfeifferAdd northbound auxiliary laneAdd through lanes$10.14
9954HamiltonI-71 (SB) Smart LaneI-275 to McMillan StTSMO Corridor 9 - Smart lane (14.5 miles)TSMO$27.10
9955HamiltonI-275 Smart LaneUS 42 to Loveland MadeiraTSMO Corridor 11 - Implement smart lane from US-42 to Loveland MadeiraTSMO + add lanes$49.92
9956ClermontI-275 Smart LaneLoveland Madeira to SR-28TSMO Corridor 12 - Implement smart lane from Loveland Madeira to SR-28, including widening of bridge over Little Miami RiverTSMO + add lanes$80.67
9958ClermontSR 32 WBEastgate Blvd to I-275Permanent separation of westbound SR-32 between Eastgate and I-275Realign/improve geometry$50.69
9959ButlerSR 747Millikin Rd to SR 4 (N. Jct)Widen to 5 lanes with landscaped median and 10' multi use pathAdd through lanes$46.53
9961WarrenSR 48Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Rd to Stephens RdWiden by one lane in each directionAdd through lanes$18.83
9962WarrenSR-63Union Rd to SR 741Widen SR-63 by one lane in each directionAdd through lanes$23.77
9965ButlerI-75New interchange at Millikin RdNew interchange & widening of Millikin Rd from Cin-Day to Butler-Warren RdNew Route/extension$115.76
9968HamiltonI-71/75 (Brent Spence Bridge)Ohio River to Western Hills ViaductBridge replacement and Hwy improvementsAdd through lanes$1,165.00
9971WarrenSR-48Corwin Nixon to Kingsview DriveImprove I-71 interchange and SR-48Interchange or intersection improvement$21.72
9973HamiltonI-75 SBGalbraith RR Bridge and interchangeTTV Phase 4 (PID 88129) Replace railroad bridge and realign exit ramp to Galbraithreconstruct/mill/fill$35.66
9974HamiltonI-75 SBShepherd Rd to Galbraith RdTTV Phase 5 (PID 88132) Reconstruct southbound I-75 from Shepherd to Galbraith, adding a fourth lane. Construct a collector-distributor road to provide ramps to and from Anthony Wayne and GalbraithAdd through lanes$54.68
9975HamiltonI-75 NBGalbraith Rd to Shepherd RdTTV Phase 6. Reconstruct northbound I-75 from Galbraith to Shepherd adding a fourth lane. Construct a ramp from westbound Ronald Reagan Hwy (SR-126) to northbound I-75Add through lanes$152.70
9978WarrenI-71SR 123 interchangeUpgrade interchangeInterchange or intersection improvement$7.24
9984HamiltonSharonville Mill Creek Area Bike TrailFrom Evendale through the Loop to Creek RdInstall a bike trail from Evendale through “The Loop” to Creek RdBike/Ped$1.37
9995HamiltonSharon Rd Rail OverpassSharon Rd GatewayRail overpass which will separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic from railroad operations.Realign/improve geometry$83.43
9997HamiltonSORTA Alternative Energy FleetAcross SORTA's service areaExpanded Fleet of an estimated 90 40' buses that includes Alternately Fueled VehiclesTransit$58.84
10000HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid Transit Phase IaGlenway Ave corridorConstruction of BRT routes on Glenway Ave Approx. 7 miles of bus only lanes.Transit$121.25
10001HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid Transit Phase IbReading Rd corridorConstruction of BRT route on Reading Rd. Approx. 10 miles of bus only lanesTransit$121.25
10003HamiltonNew Crosstown Transit CentersTBDConstruction of 3 Additional Transit Centers to Serve Cross Town Routes - implemented as part of the Reinventing Metro Plan. These centers would be multi-modal, include customer shelters and ammenitiesTransit$28.53
10004HamiltonSORTA Transit Stop Shelters and BenchesAcross SORTA's service areaInstallation of Transit Stop Shelters and Benches Across SORTA's Service AreaTransit$5.94
10009HamiltonUS 27 (Colerain Ave)Struble Rd to Blue Rock RdTSMO Corridor 8 - Access management, signal system upgrade. 4.6 milesTSMO$0.73
10013HamiltonWasson Way Little Miami ConnectorPlainville Rd to Newtown RdMulti-use pathBike/Ped$7.82
10030WarrenUS 22/3SR 48 to West RdWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$7.13
10031WarrenUS 22/3West Rd to Zoar RdWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$17.38
10037WarrenSR 63SR 741 to Neil Armstrong WayWiden two lanes each direction with TWTL (cities Mason and Lebanon)Add through lanes$30.41
10042WarrenSR 741I-71 to Center DrWiden one lane each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$10.14
10046WarrenColumbia RdFields-Ertel to Socialville-Fosters RdWiden by one lane each direction with continous left turn from Fields-Ertel Road to Montgomery RoadAdd through lanes$37.08
10049WarrenMason Mongtomery RdTylersville RdUpgrade IntersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$4.34
10050WarrenMason Mongtomery RdUS 42Upgrade IntersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$4.34
10051WarrenKings Mills RdI-71 to Oak StreetWiden one lane each directionAdd through lanes$9.51
10056WarrenMason-Morrow-Millgrove RdUS 42 to Columbia Rd
Mason-Morrow-Milgrove Rd
Widen two lanes each direction (cities Mason and Lebanon). $2.02 (COL Portion Only)Add through lanes$21.47
10058WarrenSnider RdWestern Row to US 42Widen one lane each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$5.94
10059WarrenBethany RdMason Corp Limit to Mason-Morrow-Millgrove RdWiden two lanes each direction (City of Mason)Add through lanes$27.81
10060WarrenKings Island DriveGreat Wolf Drive to Kingsview DriveNorthbound add lane to Kings Mill Rd, one lane each direction from Kings Mill Rd to Kingsview DriveAdd through lanes$5.94
10062WarrenGateway BlvdGateway Blvd to Butler-Warren Rd and Cox ExtensionNew 5 lane extension (City of Monroe)New Route/extension$7.13
10065WarrenDeerfield Rd/Turtlecreek-Union Rd/Bypass 48 InDeerfield Rd
Turtlecreek-Union Rd
Bypass 48
Reconfiguration of interchange to facilitate truck movements and provide access to industrial park.Interchange or intersection improvement$16.37
10085WarrenI-71 Corridor Ramp MeteringI-275 to SR 48Implement ramp metering throughout I-71 corridorAccess management$0.77
10976WarrenI-71I-275 to SR 48TSMP Corridor 10 (11 miles)TSMO$32.02
10978HamiltonWest Fork Mill CreekWest Fork Mill Creek - WyomingMulti-use pathBike/Ped$10.86
10979HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid TransitMontgomery RdConstruction of BRT route on Montgomery Rd approx 10 miles of BRTTransit$173.80
10980HamiltonSORTA Bus Rapid TransitHamilton AveConstruction of BRT route on Hamilton Ave Approx 10 miles of BRTTransit$173.80

Kentucky Project List

control_idCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeYOE Cost
9573BooneKY 18/Aero Parkway Intersection ImprovementKY 1017 (Aero Parkway)Improve capacity at the KY 18 (Burlington Pike) intersection with KY 1017 (Aero Parkway) to support existing and future traffic volumes. Consider grade separation design optionsInterchange or intersection improvement$68.29
9574BooneKY 842 (Richardson Rd)US 25 (Dixie Hwy) to Boone County LineWiden KY 842 from west of US 25 to the Boone County Line. Replace bridge. Include multi-use path.Add through lanes$17.42
9577BooneKY 18 (Burlington Pike) WideningSpringfield Boulevard to KY 338 (Jefferson Street)Widen KY 18 (Burlington Pike) from two to four lanes with multi-use path to improve safety for bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic.Add through lanes$44.36
9580BooneNew Buffington Multi-Use PathUS 25 (Dixie Hwy) to Kenton County LineConstruct an approximate 2,500-foot long, 10-foot wide multi-use path on one side of New Buffington Road.Bike/Ped$1.67
9584BooneCamp Ernst RdKY 536 (Hathaway Rd) to Long Branch RdWiden Camp Ernst Road from two to four lanes with multi-use path to improve safety and mobility. (Ph 2)Add through lanes$29.66
9585BooneCVG Loop TrailVarious locations around CVGComplete remaining segments of the CVG Loop Trail along the northern parameter ofCVGBike/Ped$10.57
9586BooneKY 14 (Verona Mudlick Rd) ReconstructionI-71 to US 42Reconstruct KY 14 (Verona Mudlick Road) to address existing geometric deficiencies and improve safety and mobility.Realign/improve geometry$39.31
9587BooneKY 20 (Petersburg Rd) ImprovementKY 237 (North Bend Rd) to Conner RdReconstruct KY 20 (Petersburg Road) from Conner Road to KY 237 to improve mobility between Hebron and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.Realign/improve geometry$26.33
9589BooneKY 212 Interchange ModificationKY 212 (Terminal Drive)Reconstruct the I-275 interchange at KY 212 and reconstruct KY 20 (Petersburg Road) near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Item 06-8000.20Interchange or intersection improvement$92.70
9591BooneRogers LaneHanover Boulevard to Torrid StreetReconstruct Rogers Lane, provide left turn lanes at intersections with existing residential streets and install sidewalks to improve safety and support alternative modes of transportation.Interchange or intersection improvement$25.96
9825KentonI-275/KY 1303 Interchange ModificationKY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd) InterchangeModifications and additional lanes on ramps and KY 1303 as described in the pending Interchange Modification Report (IMR) publicationInterchange or intersection improvement$28.97
9826KentonKY 1303 (Crestview Hills Mall/Thomas More AlignmenI-275 EB exit/entrance ramps to Thomas More BlvdConsolidate The Town Center Blvd and Thomas More Pkwy into single intersection by realigning both roads. Add lane to KY 1303 SB from I-275 EB ramp to just beyond relocated Town Center Blvd. AssociatedRealign/improve geometry$6.52
9827KentonNew Buffington Multi-Use PathKenton County Line to Garvey AveConstruct a multi-use path, conduct a feasibility study and construct preferred alternative for multi-modal bridge crossing.Bike/Ped$6.24
9828KentonRiverfront Commons Highway Ave ConnectionWest of the Brent Spence bridge up to the sidewalks along Highway Ave in CovingtonConstruct a multi-use pathBike/Ped$1.46
9829KentonKY 536East end of the NS RR bridge to KY 1303Reconstruct and widen from two lanes and two lanes with TWLTL to four lanes divided and aligned geometrics at intersectionsAdd through lanes$11.78
9831KentonLudlow Riverfront CommonsHooper to Ash StreetsConstruct a one-mile section of the Riverfront Commons multi-use path in the City of LudlowBike/Ped$0.44
9834KentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) Phase ICrystal Lake Drive to Otter DriveReconstruct with minor widening of existing two lanes include construction of sidewalks and crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$10.72
9836KentonKY 17 (Madison Ave) Enhanced Transit CorridorCovington Transit Center to the TANK Fort Wright Transit HubCreate a high-frequency bus transit corridor, paint sharrows or shared lane markings. Transit signal preemption.Access management$4.88
9837KentonLicking River Greenway Trail Phase IIIEast 8th and Garrard streets to East 15th Street and Eastern AveConstruct Licking River Greenway Trail along atop the levee.Bike/Ped$0.32
9840KentonKY 236 (Commonwealth)Baker Street to U.S. 25 (Dixie Hwy)AddTWLTL with dedicated turn lanes and multi-use path.Add TWLTL$28.73
9843KentonUS 25Boone County Line to Grant County LineReconstruct with minor widening of existing two lanes adding appropriate turn lanes including right of way for future multi-use trail.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$64.65
9844KentonLicking River Greenway Trail Waterline BridgeLicking River crossing near Summit DriveConstruct Licking River Greenway Trail.Bike/Ped$3.49
9845KentonUS 25KY 14 (Bracht Piner Rd) intersectionImprove alignment with US 25 by constructing two lane section of new roadwayRealign/improve geometry$7.38
9847KentonBromley-Crescent Springs Rd Phase 3St. Johns Rd to Highwater RdReconstruct to create a two lane section and create a multi-use path.Realign/improve geometry$18.48
9848KentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) Phase IIOtter Drive to Edwin DriveReconstruction with new sidewalks, crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$11.01
9861KentonKY 1501 (Hands Pike) IIIEdwin Drive to KY 16Reconstruction with new sidewalks, crosswalks and signage.reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$9.75
9863KentonI-71/75 (Brent Spence Bridge)US 25 to Brent SpenceBrent Spence Bridge project includes new bridge and I-75 improvements from Dixie Hwy to BSBAdd through lanes$1,342.00
9864BooneI-75 and I-275 InterchangeI-275 InterchangeImprove safety, mobility and operations, including correcting any geometric deficiencies at the junction of I-75 and I-275 and its system-to-system rampsInterchange or intersection improvement$237.30
9865KentonKY 536KY 1303 to Williamswood RdImprove safety and reduce congestion on KY 536 from KY 1303 to Williamswood Road/ Calvary DriveAdd through lanes$31.40
9866KentonKY 536Williamswood Rd to KY 17Improve safety and reduce congestion on KY 536 from Williamswood Road/ Calvary Drive to KY 17Add through lanes$57.25
9867BooneMall Rd ConnectorKY 237 (Pleasant Valley Rd) to Mall Rd/I75 InterchangeProvide East-West Connectivity and improve mobility from KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) to Mall Road/I75 InterchangeNew Route/extension$32.85
9868KentonKY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd)Dudley Rd to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Road) from Dudley Road to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Realign/improve geometry$34.21
9869BooneI-75KY 1017 (Turfway Rd) interchangeReconstruct I 75 interchange at KY 1017 (Turfway Road)Interchange or intersection improvement$36.47
9870BooneI-75KY 18 interchangeReconstruct I 75 interchange at KY 18Interchange or intersection improvement$58.68
9871BooneKY 18KY 842 and Mall Rd intersectionsPaired Grade-Separated Intersections along KY 18 at KY 842 and Mall RoadAdd through lanes$85.00
9874BooneKY 236KY 842 (Houston Rd) to KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 236 (Donaldson Road) from KY 842 (Houston Road) to KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Add through lanes$31.50
9875CampbellKY 9I 275 interchange with KY 9 (AA Hwy)Improve safety and reduce congestion at the I 275 interchange with KY 9 (AA Hwy)Interchange or intersection improvement$195.80
9876BooneKY 18I-75 to KY 237TSMO Corridor 4. Interconnected and adaptive signal system and other innovative corridor strategiesTSMO$0.52
9877KentonI-275KY-17 interchangeImprove safety and reduce congestion on KY 17 at the I 275 interchangeInterchange or intersection improvement$5.19
9878KentonKY 236KY 236 (Stevenson Rd) from Alice Street to Jacqueline DriveReconstruct KY 236 (Stevenson Road) from Alice Street to Jacqueline Drivereconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$15.32
9879BooneKY 237Cardinal Cove and Graves RdExpansion of roundabouts along KY 237 at Cardinal Cove and Graves RoadRoundabout$15.63
9881BooneUS 25Winning Colors Drive to the Norfolk Southern RR x-ing south of KY 1829Improve mobility and reduce congestion on US 25 from Winning Colors Drive to the Norfolk Southern Railroad Crossing south of KY 1829 (Industrial Road); excludes grade separation at KY 536Add through lanes$117.60
9882KentonKY 8US 25 (Main St) to KY 3090 (Philadelphia St)Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 8 (4th St) from US 25 (Main St) to KY 3090 (Philadelphia St); includes multi-modal needs of peds, bikes and transitRealign/improve geometry$64.06
9883BooneUS 42KY 237 to KY 842Improve safety and reduce congestion along US 42 from KY 237 to KY 842Add through lanes$86.20
9890KentonI-75I-75 at KY 236 (Donaldson Hwy)Reconstruct I-75 interchange at KY 236 (Donaldson Hwy).Interchange or intersection improvement$52.27
9891CampbellKY 8Riviera Dr intersectionImprove the intersection of KY 8 and Riviera Drive in Bellevue to reduce congestion.Interchange or intersection improvement$7.72
9892BooneKY 3060US 42 to US 25 (Dixie Hwy)Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along KY 3060 (Frogtown Rd.) from US 42 to US 25 (Dixie Hwy); include multi-modesRealign/improve geometry$86.57
9894BooneKY 20Graves Rd to KY 237 (North Bend Rd)Improve safety and mobility along KY 20 (Petersburg Road) from Graves Road to KY 237 (North Bend Road)Add through lanes$96.38
9896CampbellKY 547KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 10Improve mobility along KY 547 from KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 10; include multi-modesRealign/improve geometry$46.42
9897CampbellUS 27Pat Fanning Way/KY 709 intersectionsImprove mobility and safety at the intersections of US 27 and Pat Fanning Way/KY 709Interchange or intersection improvement$1.70
9899KentonKY 536KY 16 (Taylor Mill Rd) to KY 177 (Decoursey Pike)Reconstruct and widen to 4 lanes on new alignment; include multi-modesAdd through lanes$116.34
9901BooneI-275KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) interchangeImprove mobility and reduce congestion at the interchange of I-275 and KY 3076 (Mineola Pike)Interchange or intersection improvement$41.58
9902KentonKY 842Boone County line to KY 1303Improve safety and reduce congestion along KY 842 (Richardson Rd) from Boone County line to KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Rd)Access management$15.33
9903BooneKY 237US 42 to KY 536Reconstruct Gunpowder Road from US 42 to KY 536reconstruct/replace bridge/pavement$69.54
9904CampbellKY 915KY 9 (AA Hwy) to KY 2924Improve safety & mobility, and address geometric deficiencies along KY 915 from KY 9 (AA Hwy.) to KY 2924Realign/improve geometry$22.62
9905KentonKY 536KY 17 to KY 16Reconstruct and widen to 4 lanes on new alignment; include multi-modesAdd through lanes$48.21
9908BooneKY 3076KY 236 to I 275Widen from 2 to 5 lanesAdd through lanes$26.45
9909CampbellI-471KY 8 interchangeConstruct new I 471 southbound off-ramp at KY 8Realign/improve geometry$60.55
9910KentonKY 8Bridge over Licking RiverReconstruct and widen to 4 lanes; Include multi-use pathAdd through lanes$49.03
9911KentonUS 25 (Dixie Hwy)Buttermilk Pk and Orphange Rd intersectionsImprove existing alignment with Buttermilk Pike, Orphange Road, and US 25Realign/improve geometry$52.26
9912BooneI-75KY 14 interchangeReduce congestion and improve traffic mobility at the interchange of I 75 and KY 14Interchange or intersection improvement$90.84
9913BooneKY 1017KY 717 (Thoroughbred Blvd) intersectionImprove safety and reduce congestion at the intersection of KY 1017 (Turfway Road) and KY 717 (Thoroughbred Blvd)Interchange or intersection improvement$1.92
9918BooneKY 237Litton Lane intersectionImprove access to KY 237 for Litton LaneRealign/improve geometry$14.21
10006BooneTANK CVG Airport Transit HubCVG AirportConstruct a new transit station at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to service multiple, future TANK transit route expansionsTransit$4.53
10008BooneDixie HighwayPike St to Ewing BlvdTSMO Corridor 3. Create a high-frequency, enhanced bus transit corridor. Provide specialized branding and operational treatments. Improve bus stop/station design and amenitiesTransit + TSMO$9.17
10010KentonI-71/75 (NB)I-275 to Ohio RiverTSMO Corridor 5 (7.0 miles)TSMO$13.08
10011KentonI-275I-71/75 to Combs-Hehl BridgeTSMO Corridor 6 (10.0 miles)TSMO$22.74
10012CampbellI-471 (NB)I-275 to Ohio RiverTSMO Corridor 7 (5.6 miles)TSMO$12.75
10021CampbellRiverfront CommonsBellevueMulti-use pathBike/Ped$1.19
10975CampbellNKY Streetcar Phase 1NewportExtension of Cincinnati Streetcar to Newport (Phase 1)Transit$79.72
10977KentonKY 8 (5th St)from I-71/75 NB off ramp to Main StWiden from 2 to 3 lanes and reconstruct sidewalks to improve safety and mitigate congestionRealign/improve geometry$64.06

Indiana Project List

control_idCountyFacilityLocationDescriptionTypeYOE Cost
9749DearbornSR 1Ridge Ave to Oberting RdWiden SR 1 bridge from the Bellview Rd / SR 1 intersection, adding a multi-use trail on the east side of the bridge. *This would extend Greendale's bike paths and sidewalks to Oberting Rd.Interchange or intersection improvement$2.20
9750DearbornSR 1US-50 to Ridge AveRealign and add a lane each directionAdd through lanes$7.57
9751DearbornSR 1Pribble, Mt. Pleasant, York Ridge, Sawdon Ridge, and North Dearborn intersectionsImprovements include adding a passing blister and turn lanes at each intersectionInterchange or intersection improvement$7.60
9752DearbornDearborn Trail - Greendale to LawrenceburgBetween the existing Greendale and Lawrenceburg sections of the Dearborn TrailDearborn Trail Connector, linking existing Greendale and Lawrenceburg sections of the Dearborn Trail adjacent to casinoBike/Ped$1.01
9754DearbornDearborn Trail - Aurora ExtensionDearborn Trail southwestern terminus to the Ohio Co. lineConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail, extending the existing Dearborn Trail to Ohio CountyBike/Ped$3.63
9755DearbornSR 1Near Frey Rd & SR 1 IntersectionClose Schuman Road access to SR 1 and create new intersection near Frey RoadRealign/improve geometry$0.77
9756DearbornSR 11.5 miles south of DoverAdd I mile of NB truck climbing laneAdd TWLTL$5.43
9757DearbornStateline RdUS 50 to Salt Fork RdAdditional turn lanes at intersectionsInterchange or intersection improvement$15.22
9758DearbornGreendale / Lawrenceburg Connector TrailBroadway St. in Greendale to the Lawrenceburg school campusConstruction of a multi-modal trail, connecting the cities of Greendale and Lawrenceburg--and linking the community schools campus, the county fairgrounds, and the recreation fields and park areasBike/Ped$0.99
9759DearbornGreendale - Oberting Rd TrailAlong Oberting RdConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail connecting trail linkages to the Dearborn Trail via Greendale and running to the State of OhioBike/Ped$6.50
9761DearbornUS 50SR 350 Aurora to I-275TSMO Corridor 1TSMO$0.57
9762DearbornBright - Elementary (Stateline Rd) TrailJamison Rd to Bright Elementary SchoolConstruct a new bike and pedestrian trail along Stateline Rd connecting the elementery school and southern Bright areaBike/Ped$0.71
9763DearbornNorth Dearborn RdWhites Hill Rd / Mt Pleasant Rd to Stateline RdGeometric improvements to remove deficient vertical curvature and provide lane and shoulder widths meeting INDOT and County standardsRealign/improve geometry$9.64
9764DearbornWhites Hill RdNorth Dearborn Rd to SR 46Geometric improvements to remove deficient vertical curvature and provide lane and shoulder widths meeting INDOT and County standards, and roadway realignment and profile improvementsRealign/improve geometry$21.84
9765DearbornSR 46Bridge over the Whitewater RiverBridge replacement. Bridge is in fair condition and structurally sound; however, it is considered functionally obsolete due to substandard shoulders and roadside barriers (Sufficiency rating = 59)Realign/improve geometry$9.27
9773DearbornUS 50US 50 / Sycamore Estates Rd. intersectionAdd turn lanesInterchange or intersection improvement$3.89
9776DearbornCatch-A-Ride: Security Cameras and RFI Driver CardInstalled in all busesA\V recording equipment (aka: security cameras) in all 31 buses for safety. RFI card accessTransit$0.26
9777DearbornIndiana ITS ProjectsUS 50 and SR 1; near connector ramp(s)Per OKI ITS Plan recommendationsInterconnected and adaptive signal upgrade$0.53

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